Exhaust System Services

exhaust pipesDid you not pass your emissions test? Bring your car to us and we will have you back up and running in no time! While you may not realize it, the exhaust system on your car is complex and serves a number of different functions such as:

  • Maintaining engine performane
  • Reducing sound level of engine
  • Carrying exhaust gas safely to the back of the vehicle
  • Reducing/eliminating engine emissions

When something is wrong with your exhaust system you will see a light come on on your dashboard. Don’t ignore these lights. The life expectancy of an exhaust system is difficult to determine, but with proper maintenance and repairs your exhaust system can stay looking, sounding, and feeling brand new for years to come. If you think that you might need your exhaust system looked at, serviced, or replaced give the experts at Awkar a call today. When you call Awkar you can be sure that you are getting the best for both you and your car. We can say with pride that our customers are our number one priority. Stop in or give us a call today.


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