West Chester, PA Tire Rotation and Air Pressure Checks

Tire rotationTire rotation is an essential part of properly maintaining your tires and extending their lifespan.

Many do not realize the importance of tire rotation on their vehicles. Essentially, you want to rotate the tires so that all the tires get uniform wear. When tires are not routinely rotated uneven wear occurs causing your tires to go bad long before they should. When potholes or other bumps in the road can cause misalignment of the tires, which can then lead to uneven wear. Tire rotation will prevent this. During tire rotation it is important to remember that the spare tire should not get rotated in. There is a pattern in which you should rotate your tires, but your spare should be used for emergencies only.

The final part in tire rotation is checking the tire pressure and adjust them for the tire’s new position. When tires are under or over inflated it can lead to problems while driving, handling difficulty, poor fuel consumption, or uneven treadwear. T

he highly skilled technicians at Awkar know how important it is that your car be working safely. That is why every time we do a tire rotation and pressure check we make sure we are as thorough as possible. Our customers safety is our number one priority. Don’t settle for anything less than you deserve. Stop into Awkar for all your tire needs.


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