Wheel Alignment Services

wheel alignmentWhen your wheels are misaligned it is compromising your ability to drive and, therefore, compromising your safety. Misaligned wheels can often times be very noticeable, and should be corrected upon recognition of the problem. When driving, if your car is pulling to one side or your steering wheel has strange vibrations in it (due to balance issues with the car) these can often be signs of misaligned wheels.

There are times that issues from misalignment can be subtle and go unknown. This is why that regular wheel maintenance is a must in order to keep you and your car safe. The more routine maintenance done to your car the longer your car will last you.

If you notice that your wheels are misaligned or it has simply just been a while since you have had your wheels aligned call Awkar Auto Services today. We pride ourselves on our high quality of services, guaranteeing complete customer satisfaction on every service. Don’t compromise your ability to drive correctly and safely. Stop in today to have your wheels aligned.


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